The break-up of any relationship is painful and difficult, even more so when children are involved.  There are decisions to be made about the future: about shared parenting of your children, about money, and about where everyone is going to live.  Family mediation is a key approach to helping people make these decisions in a professional, confidential and supportive way.

The Family Mediation Trust was formed by the merger of Norfolk Family Mediation Service and the Cambridge Family Mediation Service in 2020 and now provides mediation across the East of England. The two founding services have been delivering family mediation and other supportive programmes to families across Norfolk and Cambridgeshire for over 37 years.

The Family Mediation Trust is currently delivering its services online through Zoom, Teams and WhatsApp. When face-to-face delivery resumes, the Service will initially deliver mediation in Essex, Suffolk, Norwich, and Cambridge, with The Separated Parenting Information Programme (SPIP) continuing to run in Cambridge and Peterborough.

The service prides itself on not only having an outstanding team of accredited mediators, with a wealth of knowledge and experience, but also in providing mediation at a local level and in a way that makes it accessible to all, irrespective of location or income.