What does the SPIP involve?

The SPIP consists of a power-point presentation, video scenarios, and several group and written activities in which you will be able to participate if you wish.

What is the purpose of the SPIP?

The Programme has been designed to help you manage conflict with the child in mind.  It is an excellent Programme and more information can be found on the Cafcass website.

Will my ex-partner also be on the SPIP with me?

You and your ex-partner attend separate Programmes. 

How long will the court take to refer me for a SPIP?

This usually takes a couple of weeks but it could take longer depending on how busy the court is.

The court has ordered I attend a SPIP but I have not heard from Cafcass, can I still book?

We would ask that you wait until you are contacted by your local provider before booking onto the Programme.

How long does the court give me to attend the SPIP?

You have 20 days from receiving your Cafcass invitation to attend the Programme.  However, you will still be able to attend outside this period for a limited time, if necessary.

What happens if I do not attend a SPIP?

The court may refer you again.  However, if you are not referred again and need to attend there will be a fee.

What information do I need when I make a booking?

It is free to attend when you are referred.  However, please ensure you have your Cafcass Participant ID number to hand, which you will find in your initial Cafcass invitation text, email or letter.  This number usually begins with the number 2 and is seven digits long.

Find out more about the SPIP here.  If you would like to book your SPIP, through either public or private referral, please contact us.