Creating a Parenting Plan

Many couples are in a place where they can create an effective parenting plan without the need for court or mediation. This course is designed to help these couples identify the key infomation they need and to highlight approaches that can help both parents manage the plan into the future

  • Date: 16/08/2022 20:00
  • Location: Online Event


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Creating a Parenting Plan
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A parenting plan is a document designed by two parents to help them look after a child when they separate. Sounds easy, but it is not easy for parents to agree on all items and there are a lot of challenging areas. This course will provide a snap shot of how to create the plan and techniques you can use to help overcome different opinions. The session will introduce the CAFCASS parenting plan template and talk about some of the other tools available. The course will conclude by looking at approaches to managing the plans in the real world.

The course will combine both presentations, open questions and open discussion time to enable the small group, no more than 6 people, to explore each of the following topics:

  • What is a parenting plan
  • What plan templates and tools are available
  • Creating a plan
  • Key challenges such as special days and holidays
  • Living with a plan

The courses runs for approximately 1 hour and is delivered online by one of our expert mediators.