Financial Law Infomation

This bite sized infomation session provides those going through a separation or divorce with the key infomation they need to understand the law around money, property, pensions and your rights.

  • Date: 16/08/2022 20:00
  • Location: Online Event


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Financial Law Infomation
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The family home and accumulated wealth from a relationship carries, not only the emotional baggage of the relationship, but can be a fundamental issue when you look at how you plan to live following a divorce or separation. What is fair and right is balance with a personal need to live, and for many, the need to look after your children. But reaching agreements in this area is not easy. Issues such as a division of a pension and a house can carry high stress and worry. This course aims to provide you with key infomation that will help you make the right decisions in regards to the money and wealth built up during a relationship or marriage. 

The course will combine both presentations and an open-question time to enable the small group, no more than 6 people, to explore each of the following topics:

  • Making an application to court
  • Completing the court forms
  • Case law that underpins the division of assets
  • What is financial disclosure
  • Valuing assets 

The courses runs for approximately 1 hour and is delivered online by one of our expert mediators who has an expensive legal back ground in family law.