Talking to Your Children About Your Separation

When parents separate, one of the biggest challenges in the early days is working out how to tell their children about the separation and what is happening. This course has been designed to give parents the infomation, vocabulary and confidence to tell their children this challenging news.

  • Date: 16/08/2022 20:00
  • Location: Online Event


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Talking to Your Children About Your Separation
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Telling a child you are separating or divorcing is never going to be easy. For most parents it is a daunting task but one that needs to be undertaken. This course has been put together by our meditation team which includes systemic therapists, teachers and parental coordinator's. The course looks at how to create a plan and looks at some of the common pitfalls. 

The course will combine both presentations, open-questions and open discussions time to enable the small group, no more than 6 people, to explore each of the following topics:

  • Communication approaches
  • Creating a plan
  • How open should you be with your child?
  • Understanding how they will perceive the news
  • ongoing dilogy with and around the child. 

The courses runs for approximately 1 hour and is delivered online by one of our expert mediators.