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Inheritance Mediation


Inheritance mediation can help avoid some of the devastating impacts of the death of a loved one.  As well as the trauma of loss, people may have to cope with arguments over the will and who inherits what.

This can have a devastating impact on relationships, lasting years or even a lifetime.  Mediation can help people manage the emotions associated with conflict after someone has died and help reduce levels of animosity in the long-term.

Our experienced mediators can help with:

  • Inheritance Act disputes
  • contested probate
  • disputes between Executors

Mediation is usually less stressful, quicker and much cheaper than going to court. Mediators manage the discussions and remain impartial throughout.

Mediators run the meetings to make sure that everyone has a chance to air their points of view, and to explore the options for achieving a satisfactory settlement.  It is the people involved who make the decisions, not the mediator – their role is to help the process along towards agreement.

Enabling people to feel heard is a big part of moving towards an agreement.

Please contact us if we can help.