The process of a separation or divorce can be complicated; leaving you with a lot of questions. The Trust runs regular bite size workshops on six of the key areas of a separation. These courses have been designed around the questions we get asked every day over the 'phone and during our mediation sessions. We have learned that someone going through a divorce for the first time has a mountain to climb, in regards to learning the vocabulary and seeking advice to enable them to be empowered to make the right decisions for their situation.

Each of the courses has been designed to run for approximately 1 hour - during which time, the Trainer will use a mix of presentations and question time to enable attendees to gather the information they need on the topic. The groups will also be kept to a small number of no more than 6 people; we want attendees of each session to feel relaxed and comfortable to ask questions. Each course will be charged at £30.  Payment will be taken at the time of booking.  The sessions are being held on Microsoft TEAMs - don't worry if you have not used that system before, the team at the Trust will work with you to ensure you have easy access to the workshops.  

The six courses we run are:

  • First Steps To Separation: Key information needed to ensure that you are empowered to deal with the challenges that you will go through during this highly stressful time of your life.
    • Looking after yourself
    • The legal processes 
    • Finding help
    • Key decisions to be made
    • The timescale of a separation

  • My Grown Up Children Are Divorcing This course is designed for the parents of the separating couple; who may also be grandparents; and to help them support and guide their children through their divorce or separation. The session will provide an introduction to the legal process, mediation and how to focus on grandchildren's needs.
    • Key separation questions
    • Court, mediation or DIY - which option is best?
    • Key legal information regarding children and money
    • Costs and timescales of separating
    • Focusing on the grandchild

  • Talking to Your Children About Your Separation: When parents separate, one of the biggest challenges in the early days is working out how to tell your children about the separation and what is happening. This course has been designed to give parents the information, vocabulary and confidence to tell their children this challenging news. 
    • Communication approaches
    • Creating a plan
    • How open should you be with your child?
    • Understanding how they will perceive the news
    • Ongoing dialogue with and around the child. 

  • Family Law Information: This bite sized information session provides key information needed to understand the law surrounding your children and your rights during a separation.
    • Legal principles that underpin decision making
    • Options for resolving disagreements/disputes
    • Court as a ‘last resort’
    • CAFCASS and the acronyms
    • Completion of C100 application for CA/SIO or PSO

  • Creating a Parenting Plan: This course is designed to help you identify the key points that you need to consider, and to highlight approaches that can help both parents manage a parenting plan into the future.
    • What is a parenting plan?
    • Useful plan templates and issues to consider
    • Key challenges - such as special days and holidays
    • Creating a plan
    • Living with a plan

  • Financial Law Information: This bite sized information session provides those going through a separation or divorce with key information needed to understand the law around: money, property, pensions and your rights.
    • Making an application to court
    • Completing the court forms
    • Case law that underpins the division of assets
    • What is financial disclosure?
    • Valuing assets