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Understanding the Role of Post Agreement Mediation

Post Agreement Mediation (PAM) is designed to support co-parents in implementing and interpreting their court order or parenting plan effectively.
Court orders often lack specific details, leading to differing interpretations and potential disagreements. Persistent conflict can cause psychological and emotional harm to children within the family.

PAM shares similarities with mediation. In PAM, a mediator, known as a Post Agreement Mediator, assists parents in understanding and applying the court order or parenting plan practically. For instance, if the court order states equal sharing of summer holidays, the Post Agreement Mediator helps parents generate options and reach an agreement that aligns with the court order while prioritizing the well-being of the children. The distinctive aspect of PAM is that parents commit to a period of time and have continuous support from the same mediator.

When choosing PAM, the Post Agreement Mediator builds a working relationship with each parent, gaining insight into the family dynamics. This allows the mediator to provide ongoing support and help establish a cooperative parenting relationship. The mediator employs tools and techniques to foster improved communication and collaboration between parents, ensuring a positive co-parenting alliance.

The Post Agreement Mediator adopts an authoritative, coaching, and educational role, assisting parents in modifying communication patterns and responses. By examining how children experience parental interactions and the potential long-term impact, the mediator guides parents towards effective co-parenting.

The Post Agreement Mediator may consult with relevant professionals, such as GPs, and may request court documentation, including psychological assessments or expert witness reports, to gain clarity when faced with conflicting perspectives.

If parents are unable to reach an agreement, the option of arbitration can be pursued. In this phase, with the consent of both parents, the Post Agreement Mediator makes implementation decisions on their behalf. However, any modifications to the order or agreement would require court involvement or negotiation with solicitors or a mediator outside the PAM process.

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