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Prepare to embark on an enlightening journey with HH Judge Wildblood; an esteemed Family Judge renowned for challenging traditional norms within the system. This captivating lecture offers an exploration into mediation's role in family law and insights into the intricacies of family court proceedings, led by a visionary who challenges and transforms the system. HH Judge Wildblood's pivotal involvement in groundbreaking cases [like Smith v. Johnson] highlights his commitment to promoting mediation as an alternative to traditional court processes. Alongside his insights - esteemed experts: Tracy Sortwell, Chair of the MA Family Bench, and Jane Bridge, the Trust's most experienced PPC and mediator will lead a panel discussion with HH Judge Wildblood. Don't miss this unique opportunity to gain profound insights and practical wisdom from these distinguished experts. Reserve your spot today to discover the transformative power of mediation in family law.

  • Date: 23/11/2023 14:30
  • Location Online Event



Join Our Exclusive Lecture: An Afternoon with HH Judge Wildblood

Prepare to embark on an enlightening journey with HH Judge Wildblood, a distinguished Family Judge celebrated for challenging the conventional norms of the system. In this captivating webinar, explore the world of mediation and delve into the intricacies of family court proceedings while gaining insights from a person who challenges the status quo. The lecture is being delivered at a point of transition for HH Judge Wildblood, as he retires from the bench to start a career as a mediator.

The Family Mediation Trust proudly presents this lecture as a tribute to our 40 years of dedicated service in the field of mediation. The timing of this lecture is pivotal, representing a crossroads in the landscape of family mediation. We find ourselves at a juncture where there is mounting pressure from the courts to facilitate family access to mediation, aimed at alleviating the substantial financial burden of court proceedings. Simultaneously, there is an unprecedented strain on the availability of mediation for low-income families due to the persistent challenges in addressing payments for legally aided mediation services. This lecture addresses these pressing issues; offering insights and solutions to navigate critical developments in family mediation.

HH Judge Wildblood's pioneering spirit is exemplified by his involvement in groundbreaking cases like Re B (a child) (unnecessary private law applications), which showcased his dedication to promoting mediation as a viable alternative to the traditional court process. He challenged established norms, reducing emotional turmoil and financial strain for families.

In Uddin v Uddin & Ors [2022] EWFC 75 (24 June 2022) , HH Judge Wildblood's practical approach challenges dispute resolution - proving that he is not just a judge but a change maker, who is committed to reducing legal costs and improving access to justice.

HH Judge Wildblood is an established lecturer and author on both child and financial law in regard to family cases. 

In addition to HH Judge Wildblood's insights, our event will feature a Panel Discussion where the Judge will be joined by:

🌟 Tracy Sortwell: Our Chair and Chair of the Magistrates Association Family Bench - bringing extensive experience and wisdom to the conversation.

🌟 Jane Bridge: The Trust's most experienced PPC and mediator - offering unique perspectives and practical insights.

Join us for an afternoon of profound insights and thought-provoking discussions, led by a visionary who challenges and transforms the system. Reserve your spot today to gain a deeper understanding of family mediation and family court proceedings.

Who Is HH Judge Wildblood

Judge Stephen Wildblood, the Designated Family Judge for Avon, North Somerset, and Gloucestershire, is an exceptional figure in family law. He came to the bench after a distinguished career as a family law barrister for 27 years. Now, with extensive experience as a Circuit Judge in Devon and Cornwall and then as the Designated Family Judge in Bristol, he has become a guiding light in the legal world.

Judge Wildblood's commitment extends far beyond the courtroom. He is a prolific author and an esteemed lecturer in family law. His passion for supporting those navigating the legal system has led to the establishment of various initiatives in Bristol to assist individuals representing themselves.

A remarkable aspect of Judge Wildblood's character is his unique approach to daily life. He's not your typical judge; he starts his day with a run to court, accompanied by trance music, setting the tone for a unique journey. This reflects his unconventional dedication to championing the rights of disadvantaged families.

Judge Wildblood has been open to media engagement, highlighting the growing issue of individuals appearing in court without legal representation. He is actively involved in initiatives, including legal education classes and free consultation evenings, designed to empower those navigating the legal system alone.

In a legal landscape where many cases involve individuals without legal representation, Judge Wildblood strives to level the playing field. He understands the emotional weight of his decisions, especially when he must decide parental access.

His advocacy extends to early intervention and support for parents before their situations escalate to the courtroom. Judge Wildblood's dedication to justice is reflected in both his professional and personal life, where he juggles the responsibilities of being a judge and a devoted father.

Judge Wildblood's journey and commitment set an inspiring example of a compassionate judge dedicated to making a difference for families and children in times of transition. His legacy as a Mediation Champion will continue to inspire all who encounter his story as he moves into a new part of his career, to become a Family Mediator. He will be working with the clinical psychologist, Dr Freda Gardner, offering people from all walks of life an alternative to litigating through the Family Court over issues relating to their finances or children.

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