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It is important to ensure the child's needs and wishes are central to the mediation process, but with younger children this can be challenging. This training event will look at approaches that ensure that you have the skills needed to keep the child's needs central to the parent's decision processes.

  • Date: 17/11/2021 10:00
  • Location Online Event


With the vast majority of children involved in mediation cases being too young to take part in CIM, it is not always easy to keep the parents focused on the child's needs. This 3 hour, CPD course is based on the model developed by Adrian Wright in 2018, to assist mediators in child mediation cases. The approach builds on the concept of the full financial disclosure model in property and finance cases, where decisions of the clients are based on a full understanding of the subject matter. 

During the course Adrian will present how it is possible for the parents to explore the child's needs so that all in the room are fully aware of the individual nature of the child/children and any proposals and decisions that result from a full level of understanding. 

The course will emphasise the importance of highlighting this at assessment; and introducing the FICI model at the beginning of the first session, to ensure positions are not immediately taken in the mediation room. 

The course will look at the interplay between this approach and Child Inclusive Mediation.

This course is run by Adrian Wright, accredited family mediator, supervisor and former trainer with the FMA and Resolution, now running current training through the College of Mediators. Focussing much of the last 20 years' training and developing mediators and supervisors, Adrian has vast experience of being a leading trainer.

The course TEAMS link will be issued the day before the training event is due to be held.

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