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Introduction to Inheritance mediation: 3 CPD Points

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Inheritance mediation is a subsection of family mediation and with the growing complexity of family structures, one which is seeing increased growth. This course will introduce attendees to the core principles behind Inheritance Mediation.

  • Date: 01/10/2020 10:00
  • Location: Online Event


Inheritance mediation can help avoid some of the devastating impacts of the death of a loved one.  As well as the trauma of loss, people may have to cope with arguments over the will and who inherits what. This is why it is commonly linked to Family Mediation. 

Jane Bridge will draw upon her years of delivering inheritance mediation to highlight the key components of conducting an inheritance mediation case, this will include:

  • Assessment meetings and pre-mediation process
  • Setting the scene
  • Common inheritance disputes
  • Explore some of the more contentious probate challenges
  • Disagreement over the distribution of assets
  • Disagreements between Executors

The course will be delivered over three hours and provide attendees with 3 CPD points.