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With increasing numbers of clients taking their mediation cases to court as a litigant in person, mediators are being asked different questions by clients. This workshop looks to expand the mediator's understanding of what litigants in person need from mediation, and how they are managed through the legal process.

  • Date: 30/09/2021 10:00
  • Location Online Event


The course is being co-delivered by the Trust's mediators Helen Casey and Belinda Jones. Helen's experience lies in family law as a solicitor, and Belinda's in being a McKenzie Friend and providing in-court mediation.  They will ensure that attendees get a real life view of how litigants in person are treated throughout the court process. Using the trainers' knowledge, the course will focus on:

  • Identifying the different support services available to clients
  • How to prepare outcome statements that may be used in court to form the basis of an Order (subject to both clients agreeing to waive legal privilege)
  • How to manage the imbalance of power between clients, when one is legally represented and the other is a litigant in person.

The course will be run over three hours, and attendees will be awarded 3 CPD points. 

The course TEAMS link will be issued the day before the training event is due to be held

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