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Hostage negotiation is a specialist, high-conflict mediation process and this seminar will look at what we can learn from the process in order to deliver effective mediation.

  • Date: 14/01/2022 14:00
  • Location Online Event


If you struggle to set boundaries, secure the parameters of the mediation or get bogged down when clients start trading agreements - then this seminar, by using examples and experiences from hostage negotiation, provides ideas and solutions in each of these areas. 

The trainer, Adrian Wright, has not only worked as a leading mediator and PPC, but is also a Hostage Negotiation Consultant and has been awarded the Hostage Negotiation Shield, following 5 years of working with various police forces.

Adrian will use his unique experience and skill-set to help mediators explore key challenges, including:

  • Establishing the ground rules for mediation
  • Securing and managing the arena
  • Trading agreements

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