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How to highlight and accommodate other influences that may determine a successful outcome or otherwise. This advanced mediation course highlights the crucial role in the mediation process that is played by others, who may be highly influential in any outcomes.

  • Date: 15/09/2021 10:00
  • Location Online Event


This is a 5 hour CPD family mediation training course that highlights the crucial role played in the mediation process by others, who may be highly influential in any outcomes.

Although mediators tend to work only with the primary clients in the mediation room, there is a need to tease out what external influences there might be (possibly positive or negative), which may be on the clients’ minds. This can include children (also adult children), new partners, grandparents, other relatives, close friends, acquaintances and employers.

There will be separate time focused on the role of outside professional supporters, advisors and guides.

Some examination will be given to adapting models of mediation where necessary, having regard to professional boundaries, power balancing and handling confidentiality.  Also, how proactive should a mediator be in drawing upon external sources?

This course is run by Adrian Wright - accredited family mediator, supervisor and former trainer with the FMA and Resolution, now running current training through the College of Mediators. Adrian has vast experience of being a leading trainer, having focussed much of the last 20 years on training and developing mediators and supervisors.

The course TEAMS link will be issued the day before the training event is due to be held.

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