Fiona Hotston Moore

Fiona Hotston Moore joins the Family Mediation Trust (TFMT) with a comprehensive background in accounting and forensic analysis. A qualified accountant and tax adviser, Fiona brings a unique blend of expertise to the team. Her career is marked by significant achievements as a forensic accountant and an accredited expert witness, roles that have honed her skills in financial scrutiny and valuation.

Fiona is frequently instructed in divorce and other family disputes to provide business valuations and tax calculations. Her work in these areas often involves attending mediations to assist mediators in helping parties reach a resolution. Fiona’s hands-on experience in mediation highlights her understanding of its benefits and the importance of resolving disputes without litigation whenever possible.

"I am a qualified accountant and tax adviser, as well as an experienced forensic accountant and accredited expert witness. I am regularly instructed in divorce and other family disputes to provide a valuation of a business or tax calculations. I occasionally attend mediation to assist the mediator to help the parties reach a resolution. I understand the benefits of mediation and where possible reaching an agreement without the need for litigation. I am on the Board with the objective of helping The Family Mediation Trust meet its objectives to provide an important service to its clients," says Fiona.

Fiona’s vision and dedication align seamlessly with the mission of TFMT. Her extensive experience in forensic accounting, business valuation, and mediation support ensures that TFMT remains a leader in providing optimal outcomes for families.

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