Stephen Burke, Chair of Trustees;

"We are excited to announce that Michael Mack was appointed the new CEO of the Norfolk Family Mediation Service at the start of January. 

Over the previous 18 months Gemma Walpole as the CEO worked to create a strong base for the NFMS. Her work ensured that many of the organisations systems and processes were refined, that the organisation secured a number of grant funds and she lead to the creation of new partnership relationships.

Michael brings to the organisation new skills that we believe will enhance the foundations we have built. He comes with a broad network from across Norfolk. This includes links to community groups, spending over 13 years as a Norfolk magistrate as well as a business career which has focused on creating and growing businesses. In his short time at the organisation we have already seen growth in mediation cases, increase in the speed in which mediation cases are dealt with as well as further development of partnerships and projects."

Michael's full biography. 

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