The Trust Partners with End Child Poverty to Tackle Child Poverty Issues

Family Mediation Trust Partners with End Child Poverty to Tackle Child Poverty Issues

The Family Mediation Trust is proud to announce its formal partnership with End Child Poverty, a leading national campaign dedicated to addressing child poverty across the UK. This partnership reflects the Family Mediation Trust's commitment to tackling the crucial issues faced by separated parents and single-parent households, recognizing the importance of these issues in their work.

End Child Poverty advocates for transformative changes in government policies to ensure that every child in the UK has access to a decent standard of living, regardless of their family income. The campaign emphasizes several key areas that align with the values of the Family Mediation Trust:

  1. Adequate Support for Families: Recognizing that every family should be able to afford the essentials, the campaign calls for the government to address benefit levels to ensure families receive the necessary support they need. The social security system should be adequately invested in to serve as a safety net for those in need, without deductions or limitations on entitlements.
  2. Support for Working Parents: End Child Poverty highlights the need for a family-focused strategy that supports parents who are able to work. The campaign emphasizes the importance of affordable and high-quality childcare, ensuring that working parents have access to comprehensive out-of-school and holiday childcare options.
  3. Financial Support for Families with Disabled Children: Families caring for disabled children often face significant financial challenges. End Child Poverty emphasizes the need for additional financial support to assist these families in meeting the care needs of their children, recognizing that the current level of support is insufficient.
  4. Local Support for Families in Crisis: The campaign advocates for the provision of locally managed funds to assist families facing crisis situations. End Child Poverty emphasizes the importance of sustainable and dedicated funding for local welfare assistance schemes, ensuring that every local authority can provide financial support to families in need.

The Family Mediation Trust, through this partnership, reaffirms its commitment to addressing child poverty and promoting fairer and more inclusive policies. By collaborating with End Child Poverty and other stakeholders, the trust aims to advocate for meaningful change that improves the lives of children and families across the UK.

CEO of the Family Mediation Trust, Michael Mack, stated, "We firmly believe that every child deserves the opportunity to thrive, regardless of their family circumstances. By partnering with End Child Poverty, we can amplify our collective voice and work towards a society where no child is left behind."

This partnership opens avenues for the Family Mediation Trust to engage with policymakers, charities, and community organizations to advocate for policies that tackle the root causes of child poverty. By joining forces, the trust and End Child Poverty aim to make a tangible impact on the lives of children and families in the UK.

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