Discover the game-changing insights and strategies from the Family Mediation Trust's groundbreaking online conference, now available in recorded format! Dive deep into the legal and moral dimensions of making the child's voice central in family mediation, and revolutionize your practice with actionable takeaways. 🔍 Unraveling Legal and Moral Dimensions: Join us as we dissect the intricate legal and moral intricacies surrounding the inclusion of the child's voice in family mediation. Explore the fundamental foundations that underpin this crucial aspect of the process, empowering you to navigate with confidence and clarity. 💡 Practical Strategies for Mediators: Take your mediation practice to the next level with practical, hands-on strategies designed to amplify the child's voice in decision-making. Gain concrete insights and innovative approaches to ensure that the child's perspective isn't just heard, but becomes the cornerstone of the mediation journey. 🌐 Be Part of the Change: Engage with professionals, discover cutting-edge methodologies, and be at the forefront of shaping a more inclusive mediation landscape. Your participation in this recorded conference isn't just about learning—it's about actively contributing to a future where every child's voice matters. Don't miss out on this transformative opportunity to elevate your mediation practice and champion the rights of children. Purchase your access to the recorded conference today and embark on a journey towards impactful change!

The Course includes

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8 Lessons

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