Inheritance mediation can help avoid some of the devastating impacts of the death of a loved one.  As well as the trauma of loss, people may have to cope with arguments over the will and who inherits what.

This can have a devastating impact on relationships, lasting years or even a lifetime.  Mediation can help people manage the emotions associated with conflict after someone has died and help reduce levels of animosity in the long-term.

Inheritance mediation works with anyone involved in a dispute over a will or inheritance, and can help resolve conflict when a will is being drawn up.

The service offers:

  • Information meetings for each party
  • Mediation to help those involved come to an agreement
  • Signposting to organisations that can help with counselling or grief support

Inheritance Mediation addresses:

  • Inheritance disputes
  • Contentious probate disputes
  • Disagreement over the distribution of assets
  • Disagreements between Executors

Mediators run the meetings to make sure that everyone has a chance to air their points of view, and to explore the options for achieving a satisfactory settlement.  It is the people involved who make the decisions, not the mediator – their role is to help the process along towards agreement. Making it less stressful, quicker and much cheaper than going to court.


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