Carlie Norris
Afternoon Panel Member

Accredited mediator and coauthor of "A CHILD’S RIGHT TO MATTER" report.

Carlie Norris, the founder and lead mediator at Circle Mediation, holds a pivotal role as the co-author of the Family Solutions Group's impactful "Every Child Matters" report. Trained with the Family Mediators Association and accredited as a Family Mediator, Carlie's extensive mediation experience spans interpersonal, workplace, family, finance, and children's matters.

With proficiency in Restorative Practice, Restorative Justice, and Family Group Conferencing, Carlie not only conducts meditations but also imparts her knowledge through training sessions for Local Authorities on Restorative Approaches. Her diverse background includes roles as a community mediator, Family Group Conference Coordinator, Restorative Justice Practitioner, and Restorative Practice Practitioner and Trainer.

Carlie's over 10 years in Local Authorities, culminating in a role as a Service Manager overseeing Serious Case Reviews, Early Help, Safeguarding, and Restorative Interventions, reflects her commitment to comprehensive family support.

As a co-author of the 'Every Child Matters' report, Carlie brings her wealth of experience to the forefront, ensuring that the voices and needs of children remain central to the discourse. Her dedication to collaborative processes, especially in high-conflict and complex safeguarding cases, underscores her role as a trusted mediator and advocate for children's well-being.

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