Dr Freda Gardner
Understanding the Child

Dr. Freda Gardner, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, specializes in children's responses to separation.

Dr. Freda Gardner is a distinguished Consultant Clinical Psychologist with a wealth of experience in providing comprehensive assessment and intervention for both children and adults facing mental health and psychological challenges. With a commitment to understanding the psychological responses of children to separation, her talk at the upcoming conference will illuminate the crucial importance of granting children a voice in these circumstances.

Dr. Gardner's expertise spans various domains, encompassing post-treatment communication, interventions for adults experiencing mental health challenges, and her renowned work with children and young people dealing with worries and anxieties. Her contributions also extend to family interventions, where she collaborates with parents, young individuals, and children facing difficulties, as well as trauma resolution using therapeutic techniques.

As a leading professional in the field, Dr. Freda Gardner employs her empathic approach and effective methodologies to help individuals overcome traumatic events in their past, providing a holistic perspective on mental health and well-being.

Join us at the conference to benefit from Dr. Gardner's profound insights into the psychological responses of children to separation and the imperative role of granting them a voice in the process.

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