Helen Adam
The Child's Right to Matter

Chair of Family Solutions Group introduces the Family Solutions Group report findings.

Helen Adam, a seasoned mediator and senior member of Wells Family Mediation, transitioned from a successful law career to focus on family mediation. As a founding partner, she operates in Tunbridge Wells and Central London, representing a beacon of expertise in child-focused mediation. Helen is a foundation trainer for the Family Mediators’ Association, a Professional Practice Consultant, and a qualified Child Consultant. Her commitment to cooperative parenting post-separation is evident through regular speaking engagements and parenting courses.

Helen chaired the Family Solutions Group, emphasizing the child's perspective in family separation. With a clear goal to amplify the voice of the child, she strives to empower parents for long-term cooperation, benefitting the children involved.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Helen finds solace in the West Highlands with family and dogs.

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