Sarah Parsons
The Childs Voice in Legal Proceedings

Cafcass Principal Social Worker and Assistant Director

Sarah Parsons boasts a robust professional background, dedicating her career to the Family Courts in England. Since the inception of Cafcass in 2001, she has been an integral part of its evolution. With a tenure leading Cafcass services in East Anglia and the London Private Law service until 2019, Sarah's expertise is undeniable.

Currently serving as the Principal Social Worker, Sarah has taken on the role of Deputy Director for Improvement, spearheading the Cafcass National Improvement Service. 

One of Sarah's significant contributions lies in her pivotal role in developing the innovative Child Impact Assessment Framework. This framework incorporates the Domestic Abuse Practice Pathway and Guidance, showcasing her commitment to addressing critical issues in family dynamics. Additionally, she has actively participated in the creation and implementation of the Together practice framework, emphasizing collaborative and effective approaches within the realm of family court proceedings.

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