The Childs Voice, The conference review

At the recent mediation conference, professionals came together to address a critical issue: the child's voice in mediation. The consensus? There's much room for improvement.

A survey revealed that only a small percentage of mediators consistently include Child-Inclusive Mediation (CIM) in their practice. However, there's a collective acknowledgment that change is necessary.

Following the conference, mediators committed to taking action. They plan to revamp their approach to inviting children into CIM, aiming for more child-friendly interactions. Additionally, many will enhance communication with parents about CIM and implement feedback loops to inform children of how their input is used.

A significant step forward is the intention to offer CIM to younger children, challenging existing standards that often exclude those under 10. However, support and training will be crucial in managing sessions with these younger participants.

Please find the full conference report: The Mediators Conference 2024 FINAL .pdf

If you missed this event, you can catch up with our recorded conference. The Childs Voice - Online

The Conference Presentations:

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